CNC Punching Machine:

It is a machine that is capable of using designs by means of AutoCAD software and is also capable of supporting DXF files. Punching metal sheets by this machine is a process that Fanavarane Naftabzar Company has truly accomplished using 32 different punching tools, thus punching geometric shapes such as square, rhomboid, circle and so forth. In addition, this machine is able to make sequential punches by forming higher geometric shapes. It is important to note that due to the type of cutting in the cut surface, punching with direct angle requires less pleats and less polishing respectively.

Laser Cutting Fiber Machine:

Thanks to new technologies such as diode lasers, this machines has defined a new era of laser technology for cutting all types of metal sheets. It is a suitable device for cutting carbon steel up to of 5 mm thickness and also suitable for cutting steel up to a thickness of 3 mm with a dimension of 300 x 150 cm and a cutting precision of 0.05 mm along with the nozzle movement which is as precise as 0.05 mm, and makes it customized for those who need high-quality cuttings. The professional software adopted in this machine has the ability to use linear and spiral (loop-like) adjustments along with the cutting control parameters and the necessary adjustments compatible with the requirements of the cutting technology. This machine can also be used in industries such as automotive, plaque-making, perforation, manufacturing the parts for energy plants and oil industries.

Stud Welding Machine:

This machine is suitable for MMA and TIG welding and is designed for heavy-duty conditions, especially hot climate areas. Adjusting the important welding parameters, using a digital display for the user guidance, high-speed operation, adjustability of the flow and the time of welding, high capability of stud welding up to 2000A for all types of stud welding varying from 3*10 to 6*20 mm, and, eventually benefitting from “inverter” technology are among the most remarkable features of this machine .

Press Brake Machine:

The press brake machine is one of the commonly used tools in our company. This machine is capable of performing bending operations on metal sheets up to 5 mm in thickness and 3 meters in length. In addition, the control panel adopted in the machine is of FULL CNC type in which the type of the sheet, the type of matrix and the sheet thickness can all be adjusted and saved automatically.

Capabilities of Press Brake Machine

The aforesaid machine is capable of

  • Shaping a wide range of metal sheets in different makes, thicknesses and sizes.
  • Assembling and disassembling the blades
  • Performing press brake and forming-related processes in full-scale productions with the least needs for pleats and polishing.
  • Shaping the cones, channels and angles using a wide variety parts and components.

Guillotine Pressing Machine:

This machine is capable of cutting processes from sheets of 0.5 mm in thickness to 3 meters in width and an infinite length.

It also has the capacity of cutting of the sheets from 3 mm to 20 mm, from 7 m in width to infinite length.





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