Features of Explosion Proof Materials (Excess) :

Explosion-proof aluminum foil increases the resistance of turbulent liquid in the fuel tanks to a large extent, and this product can be used to remove layers in fuel tanks, which plays a significant role in reducing the cost of tank construction.

An anti-explosive aluminum foil will minimize flames in order to mitigate the possibility of an explosion exposed to firefighters, thus making it possible for them to approach the igniting position without any risk, which will be very useful in extinguishing the fire.

It enables welding and repairing the tanks without the need for fuel depletion.

It is by virtue of an explosion-proof aluminum foil by which corrosion resistance in the fuel tanks can be enhanced to a great extent. This advantage is a significant evolution in corrosion-resistant situations, thus making it the sole reason to use an explosion-proof aluminum foil in tanks which are susceptible to corrosion.

This product can be used in fuel tanks forever.

It is simple and fast to install.

There is no reaction (neither chemical nor physical) with the fuel and chemicals in the tank.

It saves the consumption of petroleum products by reducing the evaporation of gasoline by 60%.

It leads to the evacuation of static electricity (electrostatics) in the tanks.

Uses of explosion-proof materials (Excess) :

Fuel tanks of all cars (sedan, heavy, race cars, etc.).

Oil refineries and distribution stations for oil products and fuel storage tanks.

Fuel carrier tanks (road and rail, etc.).

Aircraft tanks in the airports.

Aerospace industries, especially fuel tanks existent in helicopters and airplanes.

Military and chemical installations, and domestic liquid gas cylinders


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