This Large Industrial Unit is the Sole Owner of a Specialized Panel for Conducting all Kinds of Tests Required by Oil Company That are as Follows

Hydrostatic testing, pneumatic testing and thickness testing .

Fanavaran Naftabzar Enineering Company is honored to perform the following tests thanks to its highly skilled tactical staff as well as complete equipment in compliance with the latest international standards :

Hydrostatic Testing

The purpose of the hydrostatic test for the tanks is to ensure that the system can withstand the pressure and leakage s penetrated in it. The way the test procedures are implemented, can be of considerable importance. According to API 650 standard, the tank is filled with water and then it is pumped to the desired pressure, and then the welded areas will go under inspection. This test is carried out for safety and it is a prerequisite for pneumatic testing. Therefore, after the hydrostatic testing, the tank is drained completely and dry air is blown into it instead. Due to its high sensitivity, this test is carried out by our fully skilled engineers of Fanavaran Naftabzar Company, who accomplish this task in extreme precision and in full compliance with the latest standards .

Pneumatic Test

Pneumatic generally means “wind”, but in today’s industry and technology, it means using compressed air for energy transfer. In this test, the tank is filled with air, nitrogen, or any other non-flammable and non-toxic gases until it reaches the desired pressure. Then, all the welds are inspected by soap bubble .

Each pneumatic system consists of three major parts:

·         Compressed air production: Compressed air transfer to the tank is accomplished by the compressor.

·         Distribution of compressed air: The correct selection of the diameters of the hoses, valves and regulators are highly significant in designing this system.

·         Controllers and carriers: This system is in charge of controlling the speed and power of the pneumatic test

Measuring the Thickness of Paint and Metal

One of the most important issues in the area of quality control is to measure, record and to accurately determine the thickness of the objects and cover them with a thickness tester. Presence of any defects in the thickness of the coating can lead to corrosion, staining and fracture of the piece. For this reason, accurate thickness testers are used in Fanavaran Naftabzar Company so as to measure the thickness of the metal or the paint .

When it Comes to Construction of a Tank, there are Numerous Inspections that Need Careful Consideration

  •          Inspection of raw materials such as sheet, flange, pipe, bolt and nuts and so on
  •          Dimensional inspection, which includes cutting and sheet metal.
  •          Pre-welding inspections (assembly), inspection of connecting edges.
  •          Inspection of welding edges
  •       AS-BUILD Dimensions Inspection (Final Tank Dimensions).
  •       Sandblast inspection and DFT coatings (DRY FILM THICKNESS).
  •       Inspections before the final delivery of the tank
  •        Hydrostatic test of the tanks.
  •         Pneumatic test of the tanks.
  •          Thickness Test.

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