On-Demand Mobile Fueling Vehicle

On-demand mobile fueling vehicle was designed and produced by Fanavaran Naftabzar Enineering Company upon the request of Pertro Ayric brand, and it was first launched in Tehran. This project aimed to solve the traffic-related problems in metropolitan cities, especially in Tehran, where it is hard to erect fuel stations. In order to eliminate the pollution and to assist with those cars that are out of fuel halfway, the best thing to do is to install a mobile-based application on your cellphone anywhere in Tehran so as to get fueled up easily and quickly. The design and production benefits from two fuel tanks each with the capacity of 500 liters totaling 1000 liters. It also enjoys the most advanced equipment and facilities approved by The National Iranian oil products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) and Fire Department.

The software, which can be installed on Android and IOS phones, helps people who are out of fuel on the roads. The above-mentioned app has two software programs customized for the both user and the fuel provider. If the user makes a request through the app,   the nearest on-demand fueling vehicle responds immediately. After the price and the distance are specified, the user can also select either the “Confirm” or “Reject” buttons.

How to Request

The user specifies the location by means of the application, which is known as “Pido”. After determining the amount of fuel required, the nearest fuel carrier is navigated and found for the user. After the distance and price of the required fuel are calculated, the method of payment and the driver’s number are notified to the user.

The driver also receives the applicant’s address and phone number and, after arriving at the destination, the refueling process is executed in accordance with the relevant safety principles. In turn, the user pays online cash, and ultimately, he/she expresses his/her level of satisfaction in the app. This plan is currently underway and is approved by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Safety and Environment and Ministry of oil. It is important to note that this innovation is currently being implemented in five major districts in Tehran.


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