Features of emergency fuel providing vehicle:

  • Use of explosion-proof materials inside the tank in order to reduce the temperature and to prevent fuel evaporation as well as networking and the creation of metal blades in order to prevent turbulence in the tanks.

 High-speed operations

  •  Ideal volume for fuel storage.
  • Ease of fueling and fuel distribution
  • No use of electrical and mechanical systems due to safety considerations
  • Brilliant maneuverability
  • No sounds
  • Providing effective camouflage in terms of appearance.
  • Compliance with all quality and technical standards under the supervision of The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company
  • Patented certificates

 Specifications for the equipment of the emergency fuel providing car:

  •  Capacity of 1500 liters.
  • Steel Plate (carbon steel) ST-37
  • Compliance with UL 142 standard.
  • EXCESS Explosion-proof Materials.
  • Type of weld electrodes SG2, SG3 Meg MAG.
  • With nozzles and discharge (unloading) hose equipped with turbine meters
  • Equipped with an automatic and manual fire extinguishers
  • Equipped with a nitrogen cylinder to discharge fuel
  • Equipped with pressure gauges.
  • Equipped with valves and high-pressure piping.
  • Piping and fittings

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