Small Intra-City Fuel Stations

After many endless studies and compatible with the needs of the country due to the existence and dispersion of fuel stations across the country, Fanavaran Naftabzar Company decided to implement and design small intra-city fuel stations that occupy less space than the other popular stations in the cities. Commissioned by Petroayric brand, our company undertook the responsibility to explore, conduct engineering and locate places in the Isfahan in order to create small stations in cooperation with the Municipality Organization. After the locations were specified, the production and construction of the fuel stations started in the production line of Fanavaran Naftabzar Company. It was within a few months that the city gained a more beautiful appearance and people were happy and satisfied about this change .
Small intra-city stations are similar to those traditional and modern stations. The only difference is that they require minimum land area, high-speed implementation. It should be noted that air-pollution reduction is one of the significant features of these stations. Due to the existence of Vapor Recovery System, these fuel stations prevent the emissions of gasoline vapors and other pollutants in the surrounding environment.  With the reduction of transportation, traffic volume and intra-city trips that are intended for refueling, the consumption of oxygen and generation of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide will be greatly reduced .

 Single Platform Fuel Stations :

Single-Platform or mini-petrol stations are designed so as to facilitate the accessibility to fuel products in highly remote areas and also to reduce the unexpected costs of fuel supply.With the extensive research in different parts of the country and also the study of statistical documents collected about the number of existing stations, Fanavaran Naftabzar Company designed and implemented the small single-pump stations .

 Some Important Features of the Single-Platform Fuel Stations are as Follows :

  •  Competitive prices
  • Very fast installation and implementation
  • Delivery of one or more products simultaneously
  • Installation in public places with small areas

In a single-platform gas station, the refueling platform with a tank is completely prefabricated and is fully ready to be displaced and installed. It is worth mentioning that all stages of the preparation of the single-platform station at the factory can be carried out within 15 working days and the on-site installation will not last more than two days .

The tank for single-platform station is built in compliance with API650 standards. It is made of 37-ST carbon steel and is also available in two capacities of 14,000 liters of single product and 28,000 liters of two products. The top and back of the platform are made of polycarbonate sheets in order to protect the dispenser .


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