Mobile Containerized Station

Mobile Containerized Stations can be defined as those fuel stations that possess all the same equipment dedicated to a typical fuel station, and as its name implies, they are easy to be carried and established. In these mobile fuel stations, there is no need to lay any special foundations for any operations, and they can be easily used and carried in any required location after being immediately purchased. Due to the optimized weight and volume of this product as well as compatibility with the standards regarding traffic volume, there is no transport problems in both intra-city and intercity roads. All the entire mechanical and electronic parts can be provided along with double-wall fuel tanks mounted in both wheeled and containerized tanks .

 Mobile Containerized Station is Available in the Following Models :

Containers with 18000, 28000 and 34000 liters.

24,000 – 28,000-liter wheeled containers.

18,000 – 24,000-liter containers.

Higher and lower capacities upon the customer’s requests.

In general, the ability to build containers with varying capacities from 6000 liters to 70000 liters is available in this company.

 Suitable Places for Establishing Mobile Fuel Stations :

  •  Big oil refineries
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Military garrisons and police headquarters
  • Operable in the production lines of EPC Companies
  • Large industrial factories
  • Dam construction and civil development workshops
  • Wharfs for loading cargos and canoeing
  • Highway parking lots
  • High-volume crowded organizations (including taxi organizations, passenger or freight terminals, passenger and freight co-operative organizations, fruit and vegetable organizations, etc.).
  • Frontier zones and remote areas
  • Large parking lot sideways
  • Operability in really critical conditions (in areas stricken with unexpected accidents and natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, conflagration, etc.)

Features of Mobile Stations :

By installing these mobile stations, you will be able to save up to 75% of the purchasing costs, 80% in construction costs, and 92% in terms of the final delivery time.

One-year warranty and ten years of after-sales services.

Ease of use on the roads due to less weight than that of traffic volume limitations

Smart diagnosis systems in each station by means of quick notification method, the location and the type of deficiency by announcing the code for the deficient location to the operator.

The automatic shut-off system for fuel supply which operates immediately after any accident or unexpected incident takes place that operates by informing the dispenser or pump to stop operating.

Preparing the operator’s room in order to protect him/her against severely critical environmental conditions (cold, heat, etc.).

 The construction of all components and parts is localized by engineers in Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company and is in accordance with international standards and The National Iranian oil products Distribution Company based on autonomy from specialized contractors and other countries for continuous production and after-sales services.

Connecting to the Earthing (Grounding) System by means of Safety and Technical Engineering along with the installation of explosion-proof parts in all the entire basic electrical systems.

 Equipment for Containerized Mobile Fuel Station :

  • Body Material and Container Frame ST-12.
  • Double-wall tank
  • Dispenser.
  • submersible pump .
  •  Pipes and fittings .
  •  Fire extinguishing system.
  • Explosion-proof lighting equipment.
  • Electric chamber, a dispenser and a pump.
  • Tank Gauging

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