Wheeled Mobile Fuel Stations

There are stations which possess all the equipment same as a regular fuel station, and as its name implies, it is capable of being moved and established anywhere else. On mobile station, there is no need to lay any special foundations for any operations, and they can be easily used and carried in any required location after being immediately purchased. Due to the optimized weight and volume of this product as well as compatibility with the standards regarding traffic volume, there is no transport problems in both intra-city and intercity roads .

All the required mechanical and electronic components can be provided to customers with a double-glazed tank installed in its beautiful container in both wheeled and jacked models .

One of the most important features is the ability to supply the sufficient power to the pumps and fuel gauges (meters) through the propulsion (suction) drive. It has the capability of storing fuel up to the capacity of 28,000 liters .

 Wheeled Mobile Fuel Station Equipment :

  • Body Material and Container Frame ST-12.
  • Double-Walled tank.
  • Dispenser.
  • Submersible Pump .
  • Pipes and fittings .
  • Fire extinguishing system.
  • Explosion-proof lighting equipment.
  • An electric chamber, a dispenser and a pump.
  • Tank Gauging
  • Explosion-proof materials

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