Traditional Fuel Station

The traditional stations, which are prevalent in large numbers across the country, are one of the most profitable businesses in the country. Today the traditional fuel stations have conveyed additional beauty to the cities, especially to metropolitan areas thanks to structured or composite ceilings. These stations have at least 2 tanks with capacities of 45,000 liters or 60000 liters upon the customer’s request with each tank that can be used for one specific product such as regular or premium gas/petrol.

All stations manufactured by Fanavaran Naftabzar Company are designed and constructed by qualified craftsmen of the company on an A to Z basis. Tanks in these locations are tested in compliance with the approval of the quality control unit. They are also tested by The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company for further quality. After the construction of the station is completed, at the stage of testing the earth of tanks, they will be scrutinized by the representatives of The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company.


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