Quickly Installed (or Prefabricated) Fuel Station

Quickly installed stations are those fuel delivery stations that possess all the features and facilities of a typical station in a small scale and without depreciation in quality and services. Prefabricated station have been first invented and manufactured by Fanavaran Naftabzar Company in Iran. These quickly installed fast stations are made up of two separate parts (tank and platform) manufactured in Fanavaran Naftabzar Company’s production line. It is quickly made within one month upon the customer’s order and can be installed at most within a week at the desired location of our customer. This solution can be delivered in dimensions, including 12 m in length, 6.3 m in width, and 5.3 in height. It is important to note that the dimensions can vary upon the customer’s requests. These quickly installed stations can be implemented in small-area lands (as small as 200 meters or above) .

 Equipment for quickly installed (prefabricated) stations :

  • Prefabricated platform with canopy and refueling equipment with robust skeleton .
  • Dispenser .
  • Electrical Explosion proof Control Panel (EX) with cable gland .
  • Submersible pump .
  • Explosion-proof lighting equipment in the platform .
  • Pipes and cables .
  • Tank plumbing system in compliance with the latest standards .

 Available options compatible with customer’s needs :

  • Tank gauging system .
  • Installation of single-phased and three-phased generators for no-supply power locations .
  • Exclusive POS (Point-of-Sale) system .
  • Options for selecting station color and the type of dispensers .
  • Options to increase or decrease the volume of the tank .
  • Options to increase or decrease the number of dispensers and nozzles .

 Suitable places for the establishment of prefabricated (quickly-installed) stations :

  •  Big oil refineries .
  • Oil and Gas Industries .
  • Military garrisons and police headquarters .
  • Operable in the production lines of EPC Companies .
  • Large industrial factories .
  • Dam construction and civil workshops .
  • Wharfs for loading cargos and canoeing .
  • Highway parking lots .
  • High-volume crowded organizations (including taxi organizations, passenger or freight terminals, passenger and freight co-operative organizations, fruit and vegetable organizations, etc) .
  • Frontier zones and remote areas .
  • Large parking lot sideways .
  • Operability in really critical conditions (in areas stricken with unexpected accidents and natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, conflagration, etc) .

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