Quickly Installed Coastal Fuel Stations

Quickly installed coastal stations have all the features of a prefabricated station, and Iran has always required platforms and coastal fuel distribution stations, because it has a large portion of the important international waters both on its north and south with its large beaches and numerous coastal provinces as well as different conditions for operating and implementation of ports and wharfs. However, due to the failure to abide by safety and fuel standards, we have unfortunately witnessed a lot of economic and environmental losses to these strategic areas .

After many prolonged studies and researches and with respect to the special environmental conditions on the coasts, Fanavaran Naftabzar Company has developed various schemes for the construction, installation, and establishment of a variety of coastal fuel distribution stations that can provide fuel to ships and boats of all types; light and heavy petrol and gasoline. It should be noted that in addition to maximizing the beauty of the region, these stations accelerate the refueling and enhance compliance with environmental issues and accurate measurement of fuel. Fanavaran Naftabzar Company has many endless plans on the agenda in the realm of launching coastal fishing, recreational, military, freight and passenger fuel stations.


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