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Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company was formed in 2008 with the aim of producing and equipping fuel distribution stations. Initially, in the field of production, it started its activity with the acquisition of technical knowledge and the launch of a fuel distributor pump line, and then began his work on the production of prefabricated and fast installing fuel stations.
The company, according to the requirement of market, decided to run its product line of prefabricated and fast installing fuel stations, and with the company famous in this industry, and also with precursor customers demands for new and high quality products , in addition to the largest share of sales on the pump and dispenser markets, the title of the largest manufacturer of equipment of distribution of fast installing fuel stations in the country was also achieved for Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company in last few years.
Therefore, on a specific schedule and on the basis of scientific research, it was decided to design, manufacture and supply various mobile and fast installing prefabricated stations such as fast installing stations at the beach, city, distribution of train fuel and etc on a country-wide basis, which with new and modern innovations reach the first level in the whole country.
In this way, with the slogan “have fuel station with the lowest price”, in 2010, the stages of construction, assembling and supply of these products have begun, and now after several years of continuous efforts of the experienced personnel of this company, we seek to make our beloved Iran as good as possible.
Nowadays, the Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company with an approach, based on creativity and taking into account the needs of the country’s day industry,is able to make innovative products and admirable innovations such as :
Fast installing stations, mobile stations, wheeled mobile stations, prefabricated stations at the beach, single-platform stations, emergency refueling boosters, aerial refueling boosters and lifters with boats which designing, submitting ideas and installing all these stuffs is monopoly of Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company






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Fanavarane Naft Abzar Engineering Company the manufacturer of prefabricated stations and fast-installing fuel stations, protector of environment, accepts employee safety and health as an inseparable part of their corporate culture. In this way, in order to implement legal requirements at various levels based on  ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards as the Integrated Management System (IMS) will accomplish the following aims:

Fanavaran Naftabzar Company In the year 2008, after approval of the registration of the company from the General Register of Companies and Industrial Property, from the beginning, began to use innovation and creativity in the field of equipping fuel distribution stations and for its products from the office of Registration of Documents and Real Estate of the country has received a patent certificate, also has ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards and as an integrated management system (IMS) and placed on the list of authorized suppliers and oil, gas and petrochemical companies Approved by the The National Iranian oil products Distribution Company are among the other honors of this complex
Products that are certified and patented as follows :
Design and construction of small fuel distribution station (fast-installing).
Design and construction of mobile container (fixed and wheelchair).
Emergency stoker auxiliary car with Fuel Distribution and Measurement System.
Lifter of every kind of float or boat.
Puzzle Parking.
The gasoline vapors recycling system.

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Fanavarane Naft Abzar

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